Heating of swimming pools

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Heating your pool with the Sun:

Solar panels for hot water can of course also be used to heat the water of your pool in the spring or in autumn, so that you can enjoy it longer.

Whether or not in combination with a heat pump



Heating your pool with a heat pump:


What is a heat pump?


You can compare a heat pump with an electrical heating appliance that can be used for heating a swimming pool. A heat pump works according to the same principle as a refrigerator. It becomes cold in the fridge because there is a evaporator in the freezer box that contains a freezing cold refrigerant that circulates.

The food in your fridge give their free heat to the evaporator. Just think of a "hot" bottle of beer that you put outside in winter : it gets cold without you having to do anything


The heat that your food gave, leaves the fridge through a condenser (= black metal grid) by the back of your fridge.


The sun ensures that in the earth, the water or the air, always and everywhere ľ even in winter-huge masses of heat are stored.

The heat pump extracts free heat from the air in the same way. It is this heat that you use to heat your pool. A heat pump gets 80% of the heat from the air, 20% from electrical energy!

Ask us professional advice to choose the appropriate heat pump and estimate the electricity consumption.



Very efficient and economical in use

The heat present in the outside air, is absorbed and transferred to the pool water. For each kW consumed by the heat pump you get 4 to 5 kW to heat back your pool.

Heating your swimming pool with a heat pump :

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C/ Anguila 27 03720 Benissa

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